We educate and build people

We educate and build people

Capable of facing the world

Capable of facing the world

With a solid foundation

With a solid foundation

And high values

And high values

Our mission is to

Support and guide students in the learning process, forming them to be able to reflect and participate in harmony with themselves and the world around them, through innovative, challenging, effective, and supportive educational practice, favoring the learning of two languages and physical activities, in a way that will allow the individual to enjoy an abundant life style.

Our vision is

We assure that interaction and communication are the fundamental means to achieve the development of people. Our educational style will be based on dialogue and facilitate experiences that enable and promote processes of learning, reflection and tolerance, creating the necessary conditions for each student to formulate and develop their own life project.


Institutional educational project

The Institutional Educational Project (PEI) is a curricular program that presents the symbol that define the identity of the establishment and from them among others, containing the fundamental principles, values and specific competences, the profiles of the school community and the curricular emphasis that guide the educational action of the school.

Our interest is to contribute through the dissemination of this PEI to the clarity, improvement and development of the learning, values and attitudes that identify us in an environment of good relationships, as well as to achieve the organization that allows us to optimize our educational work and contribute to the positive encounter of each of our students’ culture and knowledge.

Educational Values

Integral Education

We propose that each student reaches their maximum achievement based on their own characteristics, in a coherent and an integral way. To achieve this, we provide personal attention to each student, so that they are active protagonists of their training.

British School

We seek quality education that reflects the best of Chilean and British education in terms of curricular methodology for which, among others, we are part of the British School Association of of Chile (ABSCH), we follow British school traditions, and we promote the learning of the British language.

Learning two languages at the same level

We optimize the teaching and mastery of the Spanish and English languages, so that the formation of a highly qualified student in both languages is effectively achieved, since we consider that the knowledge of two or more languages facilitates inclusion and opens development expectations.


We seek a lifestyle that promotes health, well-being and a space for good coexistence, emphasizing fair play and teamwork.

Outdoor education and caring for the environment

We consider it essential for our students to interact with nature, in order to recognize and acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural environment that surrounds us and the care it requires, in addition to promoting leadership, teamwork, companionship and concern for others.


Our PEI is respectful of all religious and pluralistic expression. We accept freedom of thought and / or religious belief, forming tolerant, non-discriminatory and prejudice-free students in relation to the spirituality and options of each person.

Academic excellence

We work to stimulate in our students a positive attitude towards knowledge and culture that enables them to reach the highest levels of learning in knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the national curriculum and the international IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and IB programs. (International Baccalaureate).

Mixed Courses

We form mixed courses, seeking a balance and parity in the number of students per course, promoting an environment that contributes to a better integration and development of affective and social skills. Likewise, we value the mix of courses during the school years.

Spirit of service

We promote an attitude of solidarity and service throughout the educational community, training students who are aware of and committed to the local, national and international community, promoting actions and activities that seek to give back to society what they have received in their training.

Affective environment

We promote solidarity and service among all members of the educational community in which joy, understanding and optimism prevail, in an environment of good school relations, where everyone respects good communication between members of the educational community.


Internal school regulation

The objective of this regulation is to regulate the relations between the establishment and the different actors of the school community.

Regulation of evaluation, qualification and school promotion

This regulation contemplates three types of evaluation: diagnostic, formative and summative.

Wenlock School has had as a fundamental principle, that parents are the first educators of their children, and that the school collaborates with families in this task.

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